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We deliver technology solutions for all things web, mobile, desktop, platform, and AI,ML in most industries.

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Logos, Copy, Print Design, Video, Web Design and more.

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We are a cloud consulting platform that helps companies reach their goals with our network of talented solution seekers, we call Geniuses.

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Congenius offers scalable solutions when it comes to People, Process, Tech, Branding, Strategy & Beyond. In a fast moving world we provide companies with genius (our talented team) and scalability. Not limited to logo and brand creation, website design, digital marketing, mobile application development, web application development, IT Architecture, Artificial Intelligence (A/I) Machine Learning (M/L), or Cloud Consulting we have capability and genius for the everyday company!

We are a tech genius solutions team with serious scalability & capability!

Congenius offers tech solutions for the everyday company. We can implement desktop, web, and mobile technology solutions for your company’s digital needs utilizing our Cloud and IT Architecture expertise. Our expertise also includes emerging technology solutions such as: Artificial Intelligence (A/I), Augmented Reality (A/R), Virtual Reality (V/R), Mixed Reality (M/R), and Machine Learning (ML). Does your technology roadmap need a boost – our Geniuses can help turn your tech investment into reality – let’s connect today!

Tech by Congenius is capability!

Machine Learning

As an emerging technology provider, our experience in ML frameworks such as: Tensorflfow, Mxnet, PyTorch, SciKit Learn, XGBoost, and PySpark can help a company navigate entry into ML or navigate using ML expertise as a scalable growth strategy


Our ability to model data and predict from data allows companies to use next level approaches in making the right decisions. AI and ML works with several types of industries and we have helped companies improve end-to-end execution in service offerings in this space


Our core expertise is in Cloud adoption consulting, Design, Development, Migrations and Production support for AWS, Azure and GCP. Even when you choose your solution, expertise matters when it comes to your cloud spend, we mitigate excess expenses

Web Development

From idea generation to delivery we connect native web & mobile apps with expertise.  When your technology roadmap needs scalability we are here to help. Our genius is not limited to Java, Python, C#, C++, Javascript, we also are skilled in frameworks such as React Native, Spring, Flutter, Swift to ML Kit

Tell a story with Brands by Congenius.


We inspire brands from start-ups to established companies that need to re-inspire their customers. We are genius in design, logo creation, copywriting, print collateral, website development, SEO, social media marketing, and customer relationship management (CRMs). What you’re thinking, we can bring to market and win more customers.  Brands by Congenius allows creativity that matches scalability.

Blog with Congenius

My Women’s History Is Genius:Celebrating Women in Business & In Life

CONGENIUS PRESENTS My Women's History Is Genius:Celebrating Women in Business & In Life Written By Joanna Boruch March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the incredible achievements of women throughout history, to...
Women's History Month

Congenius Celebrates Women In Business

Congenius has been humbled to work closely with so many incredible entrepreneurs over our years as a one-stop consultancy for companies of every size and niche. Since March is Women’s History Month, we’d like to highlight some of the amazing women we’ve partnered...

MLK Day 2022 – Honor, Reflect, Move Forward!

MLK Day 2022I often say the year doesn’t officially start until we celebrate and honor the memory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK).  I find myself during this time of year looking back at accomplishments from the past year. Many accomplishments for myself are...

Fitted Retail Finds Fit with Congenius

Challenge At Congenius, a big part of our “genius” is our capability to deliver technology solutions to the everyday company. We design, develop, and deliver front-end and back-end IT architecture solutions for web and mobile applications. Recently, Congenius...

Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria Business Optimizes with Congenius

At Congenius, our mission is to help the everyday company solutionize challenges to optimize their business and boost the organization to the next level. Recently, that everyday company happened to be an award-winning local chain of pizzerias located in the metro...

Congenius Love on MLK Day

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear! - Martin Luther King Jr.  A day that personally means so much to me is MLK Day; it always creates the perfect time to reflect on progress we’ve made in racial equality, social injustice, and...

Connected Genius, Part 2

At Congenius, our business is consulting with everyday companies to help them do business. We connect small to mid-sized businesses to our talented team of Genius, delivering solutions to the challenges everyday companies face. COVID-19 has undoubtedly challenged...

Congenius with Los Ojos De La Familia AZ

At Congenius, our passion is to help people. Typically, that means providing valuable solutions to the problems everyday companies face, whether it’s with technology, strategy, branding, or product development. However, one of the ongoing missions of Congenius is to...

Congenius’ Client Partners Respond During Covid – 19 Pandemic

At Congenius, we pride ourselves on our ability to lead small-mid-large scale strategy solutions to the challenges everyday companies face. From tech to branding, strategy & beyond, we connect with a lot of brands from varying industries, and during these...
NBA Bubble

What Every Company Can Learn from the NBA and WNBA

Countries, businesses, and schools around the world have attempted safely reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, to varying degrees of success. When looking at just the United States alone, there have obviously been different tactics amongst the states in their...

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