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We deliver technology solutions for all things web, mobile, desktop and platform with our Genius consulting team.  Our expertise ranges across several technology stacks and several industry verticals.

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Logos, Copy, Print Design, Video, Web Design and more – we offer scalable end-to-end branding strategies and services that help companies create, upgrade, or rebrand your company’s story!

Be A Genius @ Congenius

We are a cloud consulting platform that helps companies reach their goals with our genius network of talented solution seekers, we call Geniuses. Connect your Genius today and let’s solve our client partner challenges connected!

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We leverage our connected team, our geniuses,  to evaluate, assist and solve challenges for the everyday company


The heart of Congenius is our geniuses. Our People-as-a-Service/PaaS) is quickly becoming a great option for companies that need capability with flexibility. 


The biggest difference is how it’s done. We can help deliver when the how matters for your customers. Our versatility in process evaluation, implementation and project management can help your world today.


We design, develop, deliver and implement front-end and back-end for both mobile and desktop web solutions. Our genius team can deliver results no matter where your company is on its digital journey.  


We inspire brands from start-ups to established companies that need that little bit extra. We specialize in website development, logo creation, copywriting, print collateral, social media marketing and data base management. We’ll take the message to the streets, let’s move your brand forward today!


We can help outline and execute strategies that inspire growth, scalability; and most importantly creativity and customer connection. Our talented network of geniuses has led small-mid-large scale strategy solutions for many of the organizations you know and trust today. Let’s work together to inspire your strategy!

Product Development

We can move your product portfolio from idea generation to delivery. Making products that have market impact takes a tenacity to build what consumers actually want and need. Good products just don’t happen, they take a skilled product development team. We can help, consult with a genius today!

We are a tech genius solutions team with serious scalability and capability!

Congenius offers tech solutions for the everyday company. We can implement desktop, web, and mobile technology solutions for your company’s digital needs utilizing our cloud expertise. Our expertise also includes emerging technology solutions such as: AI, A/R, V/R, M/R.

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Create and connect the perfect team 


As a business leader, you wear many hats… we recognize this and through our network of entrepreneurial-spirited and uniquely talented individuals, we fulfill your everyday needs. These consultants, better known as our geniuses, connect with you to lessen your workload. As a win-win, our geniuses control what they take in, which ensures they are able to focus directly on your needs. We don’t limit our network – we allow you to work with everyone on our team. Let’s get your company and our genius connected. 


Congenius’ strength is in the connected team that delivers results for our everyday companies. We want to grow with you — find your entrepreneurial spirit by connecting your genius.


We offer simple pricing platforms to make the success of your Genius team not only make sense, it makes financial sense.  Need an opinion, most times that’s free, or can be done for a nominal hourly fee. Have a website or tech project that requires more scope, we can time box the project to an agreed budget,  Need the most value with an experienced delivery team, we offer an enterprise pricing structure that helps deliver consistency in the areas your company needs it most.

Blog with Congenius

A collection of our genius that’s inspired by our connected genius (aka, our consultants) – people, process, tech, branding, product & beyond.

Connecting The Genius

Sean A. Miller

Sean A. Miller

Managing Partner & People Lover


Sean is a business leader whose background includes stints in large-scale operations, start-ups and everything in between.  He has experience in leadership, sales, marketing, tech, consulting, and product development serving in Property & Casualty Insurance and Healthcare industries.  As a versatile consultant, Sean has led engagements in several industries; celebrating milestones in brand development, strategy & product development, to delivering technology projects. Sean attended Arizona State University and has Sun Devil pride, along with love for his New York Giants, Knicks, and Mets.  Sean serves on the board for a Non-Profit Organization, Los Ojos De La Familia Arizona, which aims to help families in need. As  Congenius’ Managing Partner, Sean, is responsible for growth, driving capabilities, partnership delivery, and loving our Genius consulting team.

Our Genius Spotlight

Jiby John

Engagement Leader | Information Technology

Jiby was born in Suffield, CT, and attended MG University and Charter Oak State College.  He is a business solutions expert with over 20 years of technology background, serving in various roles such as Developer, Director, R&D Lead, and innovation expert before taking on his current roles.  Jiby admires companies like Netflix and Tesla for disrupting their corresponding markets, and believes “if we are not disrupting ourselves, someone else will do it for you.”

Andy Hrovat

Engagement Leader | Web Designer

Originally from Cleveland, OH Andy moved to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan as a student athlete. After graduating college Andy spent the next 10 years traveling the world training and competing for the USA national wrestling team where he became a 2008 Olympian. After retiring as an athlete he spent the next 8 years as a coach to beginners to world class athletes. While coaching Andy spent time as a director for two non-profit organizations and created two start up companies. He enjoys working for Congenius and loves using his skills to help clients achieve their goals.

JoAnna Pearson


JoAnna opted to attend the more prestigious University of Arizona over ASU for her Bachelor’s in History and Political Science.  She’s been teaching since 2008, and currently teaches government and politics to seniors in high school. She loves being a writer for Congenius because every assignment is different and allows her to make flexible income.

Artesian Kirksey

Engagement Leader | People Learning

Artesian is a Marine, author, speaker & higher education professional offering outstanding presentation, communication and cross-cultural team management skills. High-energy, results-oriented leader with an entrepreneurial attitude. Ambitious leader who creates strategic alliances with stakeholders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. Builds and retains high performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals. An accomplished educational administrator and retention specialist with the ability to deliver mission-critical results.



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