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We are a cloud consulting platform that helps companies reach their goals with our genius network of talented solution seekers, we call Geniuses. Connect your Genius today and let’s solve our client partner challenges connected!

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People (PaaS)

Do you have the skills to provide customer service, social media management, sales, account management, billing, administrative services? Our customers are looking for Genius’ with capability and flexibility. Join our People-as-a-Service team today (PaaS)! 


Are you a Genius with versatility in process evaluation, implementation and project management? Our consulting genius is our difference.  If you are all things process; bring your genius to platform and make it a win-win!


Are you someone who can design, develop, deliver and implement front-end and back-end solutions? Our tech clients are moving fast and we’re in front for them.  Our Genius tech projects are fun! If you’re a tech Genius, binary is our secret sauce – join our platform!


Do you specialize in website development, logo creation, copy, video, print collateral, digital marketing, social media consulting, or creating brand enthusiasm? We are looking for individuals to help inspire brands from start-ups to established companies that need that little bit of Genius. We all know, this is fun, not a job!    


Can you help companies outline and execute strategies that inspire growth, scalability; and most importantly creativity & customer connection. We are looking for Geniuses to lead small-mid-large scale strategy solutions for a cross section of verticals that we serve today.  If your Genius is strategy, let’s hear it!

Product Development

Making products that have market impact takes a tenacity to build what consumers actually want and need. Our clients are looking for people to help move a product portfolio from idea generation to delivery. These are the Genius that know it all – you have a plan and connect all the dots.  Bring your Genius product hats to our platform today! 

our platform is the difference and that’s our genius!

Congenius slices opportunity and creates connected teams to solve end-to-end challenges for our client partners. We bring on the best-of-the-best consultants and match availability and capability to deliver value.  Let your talents make financial Genius – we pay for your contributions right after they are delivered.  Tell us more about your Genius and let’s move our clients forward together.

Meet Andy from Congenius

congenius solution team

Former US Olympic Wrestler and Michigan University Alum, Andy Hrovat, takes his winning formula to Congenius delivering award winning websites.  Finding Congenius clients fun to work with; experience within the Genius platform; and ease of engagement delivery the perfect connection to his genius!

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