At Congenius, our business is consulting with everyday companies to help them do business. We connect small to mid-sized businesses to our talented team of Genius, delivering solutions to the challenges everyday companies face. COVID-19 has undoubtedly challenged businesses in all sorts of ways, pushing businesses to step up on safety protocols and figure out how to continue to do business during stay-at-home orders. Congenius has been humbled to be able to continue to partner with businesses across a wide range of industries, and we continue to be inspired by our Client Partners’ ability to adapt and thrive throughout these unprecedented times. As a continuation of our previous blog article, Congenius’ Client Partners Respond During Covid – 19 Pandemic, we would like to highlight three more Congenius Client Partners we are proud to work with, and how they’ve responded to the pandemic. 

LR-J Health Solutions

Laura Ritchie-Johnson of LR-J Health Solutions

LR-J Health Solutions, headed by licensed health insurance agent Laura Ritchie-Johnson, serves clients in both Arizona and California, representing more than 120 carriers. Because of the widespread concern about health, safety, and what the future holds, being a health insurance broker during a pandemic comes with its own unique set of challenges. But with the increasing economic hardship and uncertainty, LR-J has steadfastly remained committed to keeping their clients and their families safe, healthy, and covered. 

The offices of LR-J are located in Mesa, and just before the stay-at-home orders took effect, they were focused on moving into their new offices, which they were then basically unable to utilize. Many of LR-J’s clients are over the age of 55, and are accustomed to being able to meet face-to-face, and that was simply not possible given the new reality. Additionally, in the Medicare space, strict protections of the beneficiaries and adherence to the compliance rules meant LR-J had to learn how to be able to still confidentially serve their clients via Zoom and other virtual platforms. 

With the “new normal,” LR-J has made themselves available beyond normal business hours to flexibly accommodate clients and work with carriers as they improved and created tools for remote service. For Laura specifically, as a business owner, the pandemic has pushed her out of her comfort zone when it’s come to technology, so she’s empathized with her clients’ hesitation in learning how to navigate the technology, but has also loved seeing their eagerness and willingness to learn. 

For LR-J, business was initially a bit quiet, but they quickly saw an increase in referrals from people who lost their employer-sponsored coverage, either due to lay-offs or forced early retirements. This situation has undoubtedly been difficult on everyone, and Congenius has been inspired by how LR-J has responded with grace and empathy, hoping to be a light during such uncertain times. When asked about what positive impact the pandemic will have on the way LR-J continues to do business, Laura responded with, “The biggest thing I’ve taken away is how to be empathetic, to stop and have a real conversation with my clients to see how they are doing. Taking that extra time to check on them.  I sent notes to all of my clients with an inspirational note in April and they loved it. I just wanted them to know I was here for them if they had any changes or needed me for anything at all.” 

LR-J is proud to serve all communities in both states, and remains committed to doing their part to keeping the communities they serve healthy and protected. In a time of uncertainty amidst a global pandemic, reviewing your healthcare with a dedicated, experienced broker can not only save you money, but can provide you with peace of mind. Get an online quote or book an appointment online.

RaisinBread, Inc.

RaisinBread, Inc. is a commercial insurance broker that believes shopping for insurance should be educational, simple, and empowering for small business owners. Most businesses have obviously been impacted by COVID-19 in some form or another with reduced sales, reduced workforce, or having to manage employees who must now work from home, and that means most commercial insurance premiums are being impacted as well, and alleviates some of the stress felt by small business owners when navigating the changes brought on by the pandemic with their easy-to-use digital platform. 

The mission of RaisinBread has always been to make insurance more efficient and transparent for everyone, and to protect what people, especially small business owners, have worked so hard to build. With COVID-19, Worker’s Compensation and General Liability premiums have been greatly impacted since sales and payroll are the two biggest insurance premium exposure bases for businesses, and RaisinBread has worked hard with their clients to ensure their business isn’t being impacted by paying for exposure they no longer have since worker’s comp premiums are based on payroll exposure. Diligently keeping clients in the loop throughout all the changes has been a top priority of RaisinBread.  For example, one of their focuses has been publishing informative content on their website, such as their blog “Time to Revisit Your Payroll Numbers,” which explains that if companies have had to reduce their workforce due to the pandemic, their policy pricing is now based on bad numbers, and RaisinBread has been at the ready to assist with expert advice.  Additionally, in their blog, “COVID-19 Best Practice for Businesses,” Anthony Washington, CEO and Co-Founder of RaisinBread outlines how businesses can best protect their customers, employees, and their business throughout this pandemic. 

Looking to the future, RaisinBread plans to continue to offer transparent solutions for businesses who are looking for insurance protection, with a wide range of featured coverages. As a small business themselves, RaisinBread understands that business owners need to focus on driving their business, and don’t have a lot of time to select commercial insurance coverages, and they plan on continuing to be able to inspire confidence with helping companies get the right insurance coverage at competitive prices. If you’re a small business owner looking to save some dough on commercial insurance, visit their simple online platform to get a free quote today.

Owen Law Firm, PLLC 

There are no adequate words to describe the force of nature that is Phoenix attorney Amy Owen of Owen Law Firm, PLLC. Always going above and beyond for each client, the Owen Law Firm specializes in Personal Injury, Business Law, and Estate Planning, and hasn’t slowed down one bit. Throughout the pandemic, Amy (with the very fitting moniker @pineapplelawyer) has stood tall, polished her crown, and maintained her heart of gold. With a never-wavering growth mindset, Amy told herself, “you are going to thrive, grow, and prosper despite this horrible situation.” 

To keep clients safe and ensure peace of mind, the Phoenix law firm quickly sent out letters reassuring clients that they were following all CDC guidelines and set up virtual meetings whenever possible.  Long located at a highly sought-after and prestigious location on Camelback Road at the Biltmore, Owen Law Firm faced a difficult decision when their lease expired at the end of July. Choosing not to renew the lease and work from home wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s obvious the right choice was made. Giving up the physical office cut overhead and actually increased productivity, with no commute and the ability to work in pajamas, Owen Law Firm is busier than ever!  Thriving despite uncertainty, Owen Law Firm has actually had to hire a new paralegal, and has built relationships with larger firms to use their conference rooms for mediations and arbitrations, and Amy is now co-counseling with a couple of other firms on other matters. 

Looking to the future, Owen Law Firm plans to work from home until it’s 100% safe to do otherwise, and intends on building on their partnership with Congenius continue to “push each other to reach new heights in accomplishments and business marketing. We feel strongly that the energy Congenius gives off is contagious, and makes everyone around them stronger.” 

If you’re in the Phoenix area, and are in need of legal services, contact the legal team at Owen Law Firm, PLLC; visit their website at:, or call 480.788.3367. And as the old adage goes, “when life gives you lemons, throw them out and get yourself a pineapple.”

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