CONGENIUS TO OFFER client Partner support Covid19, Corona Virus 

we ‘ll help businesses with our talented team of geniuses to support business operations with the events related to covid19  for Free

When the Time is Right – We do Right! 

Congenius, A Cloud Consulting Platform, based in Scottsdale, AZ, was formed to help the everyday company with a suite of offerings and expertise that help our client partners grow.  We connect our business partners with Genius in all things: People, Process, Tech, Branding, Product & Beyond. 

After a successful beta period that started three years ago, Congenius grew year-over-year offering solutions from Application Development, Website Development, Branding, Strategy, Insight Planning, and all things in between. By connecting our Genius network (our consultants -virtually and in person), via engagement teams that partner with our clients, we have consistently offered expertise and delivery with scalability.  2020 was our target year to take this beta company live and we did – the time was right!    

With the recent events of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, that have shocked the world, we have watched and helped many of our client partners adjust their business operation with messaging, suspended projects and in some cases, projects that are directly related to our own growth and revenue projections.  Our objective has never been more clear and the time has never been more right, to do our part in making this time a little less stressful for the everyday companies we are so honored to serve.

Congenius is fully functional during this unprecedented time in our world, country, and most importantly, our local communities.  Congenius is offering support to all companies that need it with a talented team of Geniuses without contracts or financial obligation, whether it’s brand messaging, operational assistance, win-back campaigns, consulting, or technical assistance for all needs related to the impacts from COVID-19. 

The time is right to love one another, cherish one another, and prepare for the better times ahead as partners, neighbors, and friends.  If we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website,, or email


Sean A. Miller, Founder and Managing Partner



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