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Mitigate Risks


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Mitigate Risks

Every driver in a company vehicle for your organization is a risk. The Driveri camera, though, offers multiple ways to mitigate those risks for all of your drivers and vehicles.

High gForce (Potential Accident)

Distracted Driver

Traffic Signal Violations

Hard Acceleration

Driver Drowsiness

Hard Braking

Follow Distance

Seatbelt Compliance

Stop Sign Violations

Speeding Violations

Indisputable Evidence.

Automatically capture everything on the road. Driveri is your reliable witness that never misses a single moment. Understand the context of at-fault incidents to improve coaching or exonerate your drivers, with the ability to go back in time and pull event videos.

Capture And Analyze Events Automatically

Using a simple dashcam means hours of reviewing, analyzing, and storing footage. Driveri uses AI to do it all for you. Triggered events are stored indefinitely for you – automatically.

Measure What Matters.

Set your fleet safety goals and track your progress over time. Monitor individual and fleetwide scores. Visualize all tracked driving events to see trends and more.

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