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your connected genius comes first

We want to make your needs a priority by getting them to the team with little delay.  Simple tell us what your connected company needs from us and we’ll respond to your needs immediately.  

Our Versitility is your scalability


The heart of Congenius is our geniuses. Our People-as-a-Service/PaaS) is quickly becoming a great option for companies that need capability with flexibility. 


The biggest difference is how it’s done. We can help deliver when the how matters for your customers. Our versatility in process evaluation, implementation and project management can help your world today.


We design, develop, deliver and implement front-end and back-end for both mobile and desktop web solutions. Our genius team can deliver results no matter where your company is on its digital journey.  


We inspire brands from start-ups to established companies that need that little bit extra. We specialize in website development, logo creation, copywriting, print collateral, social media marketing and data base management. We’ll take the message to the streets, let’s move your brand forward today!


We can help outline and execute strategies that inspire growth, scalability; and most importantly creativity and customer connection. Our talented network of geniuses has led small-mid-large scale strategy solutions for many of the organizations you know and trust today. Let’s work together to inspire your strategy!

Product Development

We can move your product portfolio from idea generation to delivery. Making products that have market impact takes a tenacity to build what consumers actually want and need. Good products just don’t happen, they take a skilled product development team. We can help, consult with a genius today!

Be A Genius

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